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Chapter 7

In the morning Delbert called Ariel and Jim was ready to leave the hospital. Ariel went inside the hospital and Delbert complained as he cleaned his glasses, "He wouldn't stop nagging at me wanting to get out." Ariel giggled and went into Jim's room and as soon as she opened the door she saw him trying to get up. Ariel smiled as she shook her head. The redhead said as she tried to help Jim, "Don't strain yourself otherwise you'll stay in this room forever." Jim chuckled and said as he put his arm around her waist, "Now we wouldn't want that." Ariel giggled helped her lion and gave a peck on his cheek. Jim smiled and he and Ariel started to walk out the door.

Before the teens could walk out through the doors, Delbert warned Jim, "Now you can transform into that lion form of yours until you fully healed." Jim groaned and said annoyed, "Delbert I heard you about it for the 10th time." Ariel giggled and said to Delbert, "Don't worry I'll take care of him." Delbert nodded his head and went back to his medical duties.

As soon as the teens opened the door, the Hawkins family and Phoebus's family were waiting for them. Zephyr ran towards Jim and asked worried, "Are you okay Jim?" Jim ruffled Zephyr's hair and said with a sly smile, "Heart of a lion, remember?" Zephyr smiled and knew what he had meant. Ariel asked Sinbad worried, "What will happen to Hiccup?" Sinbad said seriously with a straight face, "He's been suspended and don't worry he won't be punished forcefully."

Ariel felt bad after what happened last night to Hiccup but she was now Jim's fiancé and she was a little nervous and happy. Sarah said as she walked up towards the teens, "Ariel please take care of my son." Ariel said with a smile as she looked at Jim, "I will." Kayley then spotted Ariel's engagement and said with a smile, "Is that a wedding ring?" Jane grabbed Ariel's hand and made a huge grin. Sarah saw the ring and asked her son, "Jim, did you…?" Jim smiled and nodded.

All of the Hawkins women were happy as they hugged Ariel and Sarah asked as they broke the hug, "So did you tell your father?" Ariel's heart sank and was worried on her father would react to this. Jim saw the grim look and he knew that her father was over protective over her. Kayley then changed the subject and said as she showed her wedding ring, "Ariel is not the only one getting married."

The Hawkins women saw Kayley's ring and they give her a group hug. Ariel asked with a smile, "So who are you going to marry?" Kayley said with a smile, "Cale." Silver, John, and Sinbad's mouths went slack jawed as they heard this. Phoebus said as he elbowed Sinbad with a sly grin, "I'm glad I'm not paying for the wedding."

Ariel and Jim finally made it to their room after the little dispute with Kayley's marriage. Ariel helped Jim lay down on the bed. Ariel said as she was heading out the door, "I'm going to get some medicine from Delbert to help you with the pain." Before she can get to the door, Jim grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed. Ariel giggled and said with a smile as she ran his chestnut bangs, "You must've miss me in that hospital." Jim smirked and said huskily, "You don't know that half of it." Jim captured her lips with his and started to kiss her roughly, passionately, and with lust.

Ariel responded to his fervor and started get her hands underneath his tan shirt and Jim had his left hand messaged her lower back and his right hand on her neck as he made sure they never broke the kiss. Ariel could hear Jim heavy breathing and it made her remove his shirt and went on top of him. Jim then felt the pain his chest as he winced. Ariel heard this and said worried as she broke the kiss, "Are you okay?" Jim said with a smile, "I'm fine. I didn't think that Hiccup's dragon would cause this much pain." Ariel smiled, lay down with her lion, and snuggled up against him.

Later at night, Hiccup was pacing back and forward and Toothless was watching his rider worried. Hiccup finally said, "Okay, I'm going to get some flowers and apologize to Ariel." Toothless cooed and tilted his head with agreement. Hiccup said as he ran his hand through his hair and left for the flower shop, "Alright, here I go."Jim asked as he buried his head in his angel's neck, "What kind of wedding should we have?" Ariel thought about it and said with a smile as she looked at her ring, "A winter wedding."

Ariel then asked as she began to message his scalp, "Are you feeling better?" Jim answered Ariel's question by sucking on her lower neck and the redhead gasped at the touched. Ariel was feeling light headed and she closed her eyes as Jim lightly bit her neck and she moaned as she began to suck his right earlobe. All of the sudden they heard the knock on their door and both of the teens groaned.

Hiccup said through the door with the flowers in his hand, "Ariel, are you there? I got something for you." Ariel knew that she needed to talk to him about the wedding and she got out of the bed despite Jim groaning for her to not leave the bed. Before Ariel could get to the door, Jim grabbed her hand gently and said with a serious look, "If he kisses you again…" Ariel kissed her lion briefly and said with a smile and a wink, "I'll slap him for you."

Jim smiled and closed his eyes so he can listen in on the conversation. Ariel walked to the door and opened it to find Hiccup with brightly colored flowers from red tulips to white daises. Hiccup handed the flowers to the redhead and said with a small smile, "I didn't know what flowers you like so I picked some that remind me of you." Ariel took the flowers and asked with worry, "How are you after the whole…?"

Hiccup grimaced at that night and said with a weak smile, "Well, at least the punishment is not harsh because of Hawkins's father talk to my father, who happens to lead the Dragonriders." Ariel smiled happily and Hiccup saw the engagement ring. He lifted her hand that held the ring and said sadly, "You said yes." Ariel smiled and said seriously, "Hiccup, I love him and I want to be with him." Hiccup then asked shyly with a small smile, "Is it too late to kiss the bride?" Ariel said with a small smile, "You're lucky that Jim is sleeping for now otherwise he would've chased you off."

Hiccup chuckled and kissed the redhead on the cheek. Hiccup said as he left, "Good Luck, soon-to-be Mrs. Hawkins." Ariel smiled and closed the door behind her. Jim saw the flowers and said with a smirk, "You know I could've taken him down." Ariel smiled mischievously and said as she put the flowers in a vase, "Not in the condition you're in." Jim chuckled and pulled his angel gently into the bed. Jim chuckled huskily and said with a devious smirk, "Now where were we?" Ariel answered by wrapping her arms around his neck and Jim said as he began to message her lower back, "I think I remember."

Sinbad looked out from his post at the watch tower and Mushu said with a smile as he came out of his bath, "Man, this place treats you like royalty." Sinbad said seriously as he looked out into the ocean, "My daughter is getting married." The red dragon said with a smile as he hopped on his shoulder, "That's great and I think she deserves Cale." Sinbad looked at Mushu and the red dragon explained, "She showed me the ring." Sinbad chuckled and said with a slight smile, "My kids are growing up and Milo told me the other night he's going to move in with Anya."

Mushu said as he got comfortable on Sinbad shoulder, "Well, Ariel and Jim are…" Sinbad finished his sentence with a smirk, "Getting married." When the red dragon heard this, his mouth went slack jawed and said, "You mean her and lion boy are…" Sinbad smiled and nodded. The Mushu yelled as a giant boulder headed towards them, "Duck!" Sinbad and the red dragon dodged the boulder and Sinbad saw a giant black oval in the sky and saw the black ovals on the ground. Mushu said worried, "Sinbad?" Sinbad saw the hyenas coming out of the ground ovals and the giant sky oval revealed a giant white snow and blue owl like creature screeching into the night. (AN: It's the giant owl creature in Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas.)

Sinbad pulled down the watch tower's bell and the bell echoed throughout Atlantis. Proteus said to his wife Odette as they both heard the bell, "Let's go." Odette turned into her form as Rain and Proteus turned into his as Spirit. The other Grand Council members turned into their forms as they headed out. A dark cloaked hooded figure, which had a falcon on his shoulder, came out of the ground black oval and looked at the city. "Time to carry out the plan." Said the figure. The falcon flew off his shoulder and went on the search.

Garrett heard the bell and Merlin yelled as he headed up the stairs, "Garrett, we need to get up and help the others." Garrett followed his master and heard Madellaine's footsteps coming from downstairs. Madellaine said worried as she stopped in front of Garrett, "The hyenas! They're surrounding the Grand Council House." Garrett realized and said seriously, "Madellaine, get Sinbad and tell him that Jim and Ariel are in danger. Stay safe." The blonde nodded and she went to go look for the Hawkins family.

Ariel heard the bell and asked, "What's that?" Jim explained as he tried to get up, "That's the alarm bell. Someone is attacking Atlantis." Ariel got up from the bed and said, "I'm going to check it out." Jim grabbed her hand and said seriously, "Ariel, you can't go." Ariel said with an innocent smile, "I'll be safe and I'll be right back." Ariel went out the door and found hyenas prowling the halls. She went back in the room and said panicky as she closed the door behind, "Hyenas are out there and that means we have a problem."

Before Jim could get out of bed, the giant owl destroyed the roof and screech in the night. The owl picked Ariel up with its beak and flew away. Jim yelled for his angel as he headed towards the festival grounds, "Ariel!" The redhead yelled for her love as she was being squeezed by the bird, "Jim!"

The figure saw the owl having Ariel in its mouth, and smiled evilly. He then said into the com-link amused, "Atlanticaian captured, Maleficent. Should we move to faze two?" The witch evilly smiled and saw what was happening through her staff and said, "We got what we wanted. Now call back our creatures and I want that girl alive." The figure made the call and saw the Dragonriders in the sky. He then said into the com-link, "It seems the flying lizards come out to play. What now?" The witch thought about it and said with an evil smile, "Let them play hero for a bit. They won't have her, if they tried to my bird will threaten the girl's life."

The figure saw Silver in his lion form and hid in the shadows. He then said into the com-link, "The Hawkins family is out and about." Maleficent asked concerned, "What about their youngest lion?" He said into the com-link as his hawk looked around with a vid-cam around his neck and the figure look at the screen, "Negative, he must've been wounded or he's not here." The witch said hurryingly, "Get out of there, now! Otherwise, their pride will hunt you down." The figure turned off com-link and said underneath his breath, "Sorry, Grand Head Councilor but my revenge will have to wait." The figure then headed towards the festival grounds.

The hyenas heard the call and headed towards the black ovals. Phoebus asked confused, "Why did they retreat? They had us where they wanted." Sinbad had a bad feeling and looked at the Grand Council House. Sinbad heard Madellaine yelling, "Mr. Hawkins, It's your son and Ariel." Sarah asked worried, "What's happen to them?" Garrett explained as he walked towards the Grand Council, "Jim's fine and he went go after Ariel, but in the condition he's in right now he might not have time." Sinbad saw the Dragonriders and said underneath his breath, "Hiccup, don't let us down."

Hiccup and the other Dragonriders were trying to get to the redhead but every time they got near Ariel, the owl would squeeze his beak to put more pressure on her. Astrid yelled at Hiccup, "Hiccup we have to fall back." Hiccup shook his head and He and Toothless were going to save her no matter what. As soon as Hiccup reached towards the beak the owl put pressure on Ariel and she yelled in pain. Hiccup froze and the owl used its wing to send Hiccup and Toothless to the festival grounds. The owl went into the giant black oval and Ariel closed her eyes to prepare for the worst.

Jim ran as fast could towards the festival grounds and saw the Hiccup and Toothless crashing. Sinbad and the others went towards the festival grounds to find the Dragonrider underneath of broken wooden crates. Jim walked up towards Hiccup and asked panicked, "Did you get Ariel back?" Hiccup turned his head away from Jim and the young Hawkins boy knew what his answer was. Sinbad placed his hand on his son's shoulder and said honesty, "We'll get her back, and I swear as a lion we will bring her home."

Jim looked up at his father and knew somehow, someway they were going to get Ariel back. Hiccup said sadly as he got off of Toothless, "I'm sorry, Jim. I tried." Sarah went towards the boy and said honestly, "You did everything you can Hiccup and don't lose that hope of yours we'll need you and your fellow Dragonriders to help find Ariel." Hiccup nodded his head, got on Toothless again, and informed, "I'll tell my friends what we need to do and we'll find her." It was then Hiccup and Toothless went into the sky and to tell the other Dragonriders of the plan.

Proteus said with worry, "Why would they want that girl? What can she be of use to them?" Jim got angry and yelled, "Don't talk about her like she some doll." Silver grabbed both of his from behind and said, "Now calm down, Jimbo." Jim calmed down and Silver let go of his grandson and Jane said with consideration, "Now, I'm sure Grand Councilor Proteus didn't mean offence." Jim sighed heavily and apologized, "Sorry." Proteus said with a small smile, "Its fine. I remembered that look when I thought I lost Odette." Jim looked at the sky and said underneath his breath, "Please, be safe."

Ariel was taken into a dark castle with giant thorns surrounding it and the hyenas barked and snapped at her to move. Ariel reached at the front of the castle the figure grabbed her arm roughly and handed her over to three hyenas, the figure said to the female hyena, "Shenzi, take her to the castle dungeon. I have to report to Maleficent on our success." Shenzi said to the other two hyenas, "Banzai, Ed, you heard the man let's get her to the 'suite'." Ed laughed and Banzai groaned and said, "Awww, I was hoping for a decent meal." The three hyenas shoved her into the cell and locked it up tight. Ariel then ran towards the bars and yelled angrily as the hyenas left, "You'll regret this."

A figure that was hiding in the shadow said, "Relax, all good things come to those who wait." Ariel was startled and asked alarmed, "Whose there?" The figure said amused as he was observing the redhead, "Now, look here beautiful, I'm gonna bust out of here with friends of mine who work here. So are you in or out?" Ariel then said, "Show yourself and maybe I'll join your little break out."

The figure came out into the light and the figure had a brown goatee, brown wavy hair, and brown eyes. He wore a white long sleeve shirt that had a black-blue vest along with it. He also wore brown pants to match his brown leather shoes. He said with a sly smile as he bowed while still looking at her, "Flynn Rider, at your service."
Here is Chapter 7. Enjoy!
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